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Geoff Hirson Discusses Benefits of Harnessing Renewable Diesel

Geoff Hirson

As a leader in the renewable fuel space, Geoff Hirson acknowledges that there are many ways that innovation can increase our quality of life. Not only does utilizing renewable diesel display a commitment to preserving the environment, but there is a plethora of efficiency benefits that come with the switch from biodiesel. Geoff Hirson recognizes that many individuals operating in spaces that could benefit from renewable fuels do not have the full picture of how it can help them stay on the forefront of their industry. Here, Hirson includes a few cursory reasons why harnessing renewable diesel can prove beneficial.

Cleaner Burning Source of Fuel

Traditional diesel fuel produces harmful emissions when burned, making vehicles that utilize diesel major sources of pollutants that can negatively impact our environment. Pollution is an unfortunate byproduct of diesel-fueled vehicles, as we count on them to transport goods that are essential to our infrastructure. Geoff Hirson notes that, because renewable diesel is produced from lower carbon materials, it burns cleaner than traditional diesel. Renewable diesel can yield as much as 80% lower lifecycle emissions and has a carbon intensity up to 50-80% lower than conventional diesel. In the current landscape where more companies are focusing on preserving our environment for posterity, renewable diesels stand out as an important tool to do so while still allowing us to perform essential tasks.

Lowers Dependency on Petroleum Products

Renewable diesel fuels are beneficial societally and politically speaking as well. Less consumption of traditional fossil fuels naturally lowers our need for it, which can reduce potential conflicts over access to crude oil reserves. Geoff Hirson speaks to the ways in which our sources of renewable diesel (fats, oils, and grease-based feedstocks can be easily found, processed, and repurposed for fuel. In this way, renewable diesel fits the zeitgeist’s demand for resources that recognize the importance of ethics as we perform tasks. Also, because renewable diesel repurposes waste that would otherwise be dumped, individuals that utilize it can rest assured that the project is 100% renewable and sustainable. 

More Durable that Traditional Fuels

Because renewable diesel is hydrogenated, it does not contain oxygen. This eliminates some of the issues regarding traditional diesel when it comes to storage and transport. For example, renewable diesel users do not need to fear microbial growth that can clog fuel filters in a vehicle. This means that renewable diesel can perform better than biodiesel in extremely cold environments and that the fuel can be stored for long periods of time without water accumulation or notable deterioration in quality. The durability of renewable diesel also ensures that the frequency of periodic maintenance for vehicles does not need to increase, a situation that may occur for vehicles that utilize traditional biodiesels instead.

By Geoff Hirson

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